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13 January 2012 @ 12:49 am
They grow up so fast  
Ellen Mary and Jo Bela are now teenagers. They really do grow up so fast. Once they are adults and have moved out methinks I shall find a new family to play with (probably Sam and who keeps getting hit on by Gabriel - it's obviously meant to be)

In the meantime here are some pics

I love how the games has given the twins very different personalities. Jo Bela is all about kindness

Ellen Mary is all about work

Jo Bela is also very much a family sim

As soon as Jo and Ellen started school Dean and Castiel took advantage of the situation

At the weekend they had a family outing to the park. For some reason Sam, Lucifer, Morgana and some random sim were protesting what looks to be blue penises

While Dean was at work (he's reached the top of the military career now and is an astronaut) a burglar broke in and Castiel freaked out

The police arrived and fought the burglar but he escaped

Jo Bela had her birthday and for some reason Sam and Dean decided to watch from the bushes

They did the same when Ellen Mary had her birthday too

Jo is kind of an emo/goth

Ellen is more preppy

I think the family needs a bigger house now so first thing on the agenda when I play next is to have them move
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Flickflickums on January 13th, 2012 03:01 pm (UTC)
When are Merlin and Arthur moving in?

And Cas should have talked to the burglar as that could have caused him to pass out ;)